The Spiritual Excercises 2 - David Leal + Nina Danino

Collaboration with artist Nina Danino for the virtual exhbition The Spiritual Exercises 2 created by Artist Mark Dean

Left: Nina Danino alongside La Dolce Vita (1960)

Right: David Leal inside the Collegiate Church of St Mary, Warwick

The Spiritual Exercises, 2020


BAT (Conversation), 2020


In my appointment for the COVID-19 vaccine trial, I found myself imagining a conversation. The content and the participants were full of variables, yet these questions kept that image. I used stock images to stress the idea that what we see in the video is less a representation and more a symbolic illustration.

TATE Exchange, 2020
at tate modern, london


Prayer Delivery Service, 2020


Fundus, 2019

21 × 29 cm
Scanner collage

for Electra Magazine

© David Leal